Good day, dear players!

First of all, we congratulate Guild ImperiaL for the victory at the first siege.

We are glad to inform you, all new players will receive VIP 5 days, 3 resets and 2.000 stats to fight for the top.

We also inform you that the Shop is available on the site where you can buy uniforms and other things for your character for Renewal Coins and Donat Coins which can be purchased on the site in the donation section.

You can get 4-5 Wings only from the game NPC which is located Lorencia 130,134 (near the entrance to the bar).

Until Monday there is a discount on the whole range (except 4-5 wings) of 20% in honor of the opening of the Shop.

Purchase of Harmony and Sockets, is disabled at the moment.

All things that are socket when purchased will automatically be with 5 open slots for sockets.

We wish you all a pleasant game and a great weekend! Your RenewaL:classic_wink:

Posted 20 / 04 / 2019
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