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Dear friends, not a lot of changes have taken place on our server.

-First of all, the maximum Grand Reset is now 6, after reaching the maximum Grand Reset you will be able to make all the stats maximum, that is 32767, as well as for 12 cr you can put your character completely in Top Items! (More)

- The `` Achievement System '' was added, the main purpose of which is to improve its characteristics, as well as receive not big bonuses in the form of stats, zen and coins (More)

- Added Mace of King to the Forge section of the BC.

- Fixed a drop of 2 things with Lord Of Kundun.

- The DL class will be tested by popular demand.

- Changes to the rewards for the monthly Guild Boss are possible.

- Perhaps the reward for voting MMOTOP will be changed in addition to only coins.

- Who writes Character allready at Game (update the game through Launcher)

- Harmony Options do not visually appear after updates from LTP (wait for f

Posted11 / 11 / 2019Byadmin123