We bring to your attention a unique build from an experienced development team. The server of the 6th season with many additions,raised to the 14th episode.We are also planning to open 3 rates:x1000,x100 and x10 rates.Also, our project has more than six months! We guarantee a stable server operation, without wipes. Welcome!

Why us?

An interesting quest system that will not allow you to be bored, customized balance of characters and monsters, thoughtful economy, wedding system, massive PVP events, new monsters and bosses, unique ancient sets, 20 new pets, a guild chest — all this awaits us!

Startup bonuses!

Our team pays a lot of attention to the advertising campaign of our server, which entails a good online start at the server. Also, we have activities related to advertising in which you can participate and get nice promotions, more details on the forum!

Last News

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1 Month Server

Dear players, we are pleased to announce that our server will have 1 month on August 19.

In honor of this, we launch bonuses from August 17 to 19, inclusive.

-Increase x2 experience during these dates!

- Drop increase + 30%.

- After donation we charge + 30% Donate Coins within 12 hours.


I’ll also write about the change of classes so that there are no unnecessary questions:

Class change - $ 10.

Class change + change of items to identical - $ 15.

For all questions, you can contact Skype: live: renewalmu2019 or the PM forum.


Enjoy your game and have a great weekend, your Renewal.

Posted 17 / 08 / 2019
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Week Finished

Congratulations to the CasTLe guild on the victory at the first Сastle Siege !!!

We are glad to inform you that the Cash Shop is available in the game and the Web Shop on the site.

Game currency can be purchased on the website in your account.

A class change is also available, until Monday it will be free!)

And at the end of the sum up the action, until Sunday the inclusive discount on the entire range of the Webshop is 15%.

As for the Webshop, the choice of Harmony options and Socket is not available, as this will cause an imbalance, but all the top and previous top

items will come with 5 open slots for sockets.

We wish all our players a pleasant game, and we will continue to try for you!

Posted 27 / 07 / 2019
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VIP is available

By voting in the previous topic, it was decided to add a VIP on Monday.

You can buy VIP on the website in your account or here (clickable)

Read more about the benefits of VIP (clickable)

The first Castle Siege of July 27 at 21:00.

Last day of the Castle Siege registration Monday!

After the siege, Cash Shop and Webshop will be available.

Enjoy all the game!

Posted 21 / 07 / 2019
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[Voting] VIP

Dear players, we ask you to take part in the voting on the VIP entry to the x1000 server.

According to numerous requests, you need to decide when to enter on Monday or Saturday after the Castle Siege.

You can cast your vote in the Forum in the “News” section or click here.

Posted 20 / 07 / 2019
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